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Links To All The Crazy Stuff I Do, And Want To Do

There are so many opportunities in this world to make money, the internet offers such a broad audience for people who like to entertain and share with others. The links below will connect you with many of my past, present and future projects and give you an idea of what others are doing that I like.

Dave's YouTube Stars

Check out this link for weekly updates from some of YouTubes most popular channels and personalities.


Visit for weekly Videos and updates!

Dave's Hot Girls

Check out these gorgeous women who are spicing things up onthe internet Check out this link for pictures and videos from some of YouTubes most popular channels and female personalities.



Dave's TV Products

I have sold alot of crazy things in my life, why not visit this link to see all the television products I am involved with.



Hi, I'm David Bronstein

The King of late night television and the producer of the hit television series, American Stripper. Everywhere I go, people are always imitating the shtick I do on my crazy shows, “It’s One on One and Discrete!”. I am always flattered, and I am often mimicked in top comedy clubs, like Yuk Yuks. “If that’s not flattery, then what is?”


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